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Release Notes

Release notes

  • Rocket-core (Chisel)
    • Merge the latest (10-2015) updates from RISC-V.
    • Add uncached read/write in L1 D$ (support memory mapped I/O).
    • Remove the HTIF CSR read/write port.
    • Redefine CSRs mtime, mtohost, mfromhost, mreset to PCRs.
    • Add memory map, I/O map, and IRQ PCRs.
    • Add a global PCR controller shared by all Rocket cores.
    • Nearly remove all functions of the HTIF (only needed for bare-metal mode)
    • Add soft reset to Rocket cores, L2$.
    • Rewrite TileLink/NASTI and TileLink/NASTI-Lite interfaces.
    • Add 64-bit IRQ inputs.
    • Rewrite and simplify top level connections and parameter definitions.
  • lowRISC-chip
    • All chisel components (Rocket cores, L2 caches) are encapsulated in a Chisel island with only two NASTI interface exposed.
    • A NASTI on-chip interconnect (crossbar, buffer, Lite/NASTI bridge) is provided using SystemVerilog.
    • UART (Xilinx IP) connected and tested.
    • SD (Xilinx SPI IP) connected and tested. Software support for FatFS is provided.
    • DDR RAM and Memory controller (Xilinx IP) is connected and tested.
    • Boot from on-chip BRAM.
  • Design environment
    • A KC705/NEXYS4-DDR FPGA demo with RISC-V Linux boot. [FPGA demo]
    • Merge the latest (10-2015) cross-compiler updates from RISC-V.
    • Replace VCS with opensourced Verilator. [RTL simulation]
    • Rewrite all Makefile support.
  • Missing from this release vs the previous Version 0.1: tagged memory (04/2015)
    • No tagged memory support (will be added back soon).
    • No support for ZedBoard.

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